What are PrimenN Penis Extenders

What are PrimenN Penis Extenders

Penis Extenders (Also known as male extension devices) are considered a fairly key treatment for male enlargement purposes.

Penile stretcher is a new product that has exactly the functionality of an extender. The only difference between this product and the Extenders is in its quick installation and easier use. Lat tana-tu is used by men. PrimenN penis extender has various scientific and health certifications and has been approved.

To increase the genitalia (phalloplasty), treatment after reconstructive plastic surgery and increase the length of the organ are among the applications of this device.

If this device is used according to the instructions, Penile extender will not have any side effects and it is better for patients to be under the supervision of the relevant doctor for use.

Community of patients who can use this device:

Pyrrhic disease: It is one of the most common diseases of the male genitalia. The clinical manifestations of this disease are the presence of pea-shaped nodules in different parts of the genitalia, organ curvature and even pain. This disease is a completely benign problem and the appearance of such palpable nodules inside the organ is never a sign of malignancy. The prevalence of this disease has been reported in 1% of men, which often occurs after the age of 40 and causes dysfunction in marital practice. Various treatments have been recommended for it, but they are not comparable to the simplicity of its treatment with a “mobile” lethal device.

Numerous studies show that this device is useful in people who have a full erection. (It should be noted that in patients with pneumonia who also have impotence, the use of pneumonia kits is a more appropriate treatment to solve their problem).

It is even possible to use this device when there is pain, and continuous use of it will make it go away. It should be noted that the size of the palpable nodes will gradually decrease, because the use of this device will not only cause the accumulation of fibrotic plaques, but also help to return it to its previous state. In some cases, after performing various surgeries on the genitals, the use of this device prevents the formation of fibrosis and the return of the genitals to their original size.

Complication of fibrosis: The “mobile” lethal device is a suitable device for patients who suffer from fibrosis and reduction of their organ size after surgery on the organ. The “mobile” traction device in these patients causes the limb to be stretched and formed in tension. This prevents fibrosis and wound healing in the state of non-stretching, and ultimately causes the formation and improvement of the genital organ.

People with micropenis: Its easier definition means people who have a genital organ less than 9 cm long. The use of this device in these people is medically recommended and will help the quality of life of these people.

Epispadias patients: need several stages of surgery due to duct and bladder problems, which should be performed on them throughout life. These people suffer from reduced limb size not only due to surgery but also due to a congenital problem. Using this device in people with epispadias can be effective if used from an early age. In the future, their marriage will be very effective and improve problems such as small organs in these people.Patients with hypospadias: In very severe cases, it also causes curvature and small organ size. It is a congenital disease and people in the growing age and even later may suffer from small organ size. Using the device for these people can also help a lot